DIFM Processor Board (2-18GHz)

ESI subsystem provides for platform interfaces like Gyro and on board Radar Blanking. This board receives Analog/Digital GYRO inputs from ship and pre-trigger pulses from onboard radars of ship. This board measures & provides the ship heading to ESM System. It also provides Heading, Roll and Pitch data to the ECM System. This board also generates band wise composite ESM Rx. Blanking gates and provides all the required interfaces to ESM Receiver, ECM System and System Controller units.

  • Operates on 24v DC Power supply and internal generation of +5V & -5V, +15V and -15V.
  • Virtex-4 FX FPGA (XC4VFX100-10FF1152IA)
  • 10/100 Ethernet.(WJLXT971ALE)
  • RS232 and 422 channels (SP336EEY-L)
  • SRAM of memory 16Megabit/2MegaByte.(CY7C1061AV33-10ZXI)
  • DDR2 of memory size 2Gigabit/256MegaByte.(MT47H128M16RT-25E)
  • Parallel FLASH of memory 256Megabit/32MegaByte.(S29GL256P90TFIR20)
  • SPI FLASH of memory 1Megabit/128KiloByte.(SST25VF010A-33-4I-SAE)
  • Gyro (syncro to digital converter) (SD-14531D2-204)
  • Analog channels (10Co-Axial Pre-trigger Pulses)
  • Digital Pre-trigger channels (5 Pre-trigger Pulses (differential RS 422 Level)
  • Composite Radar Blankings channels (6) differential RS 422 Level

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